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Sea Turtle Season Nest Dedications for 2023

Thank you for participating in our 2023 Nest Dedication Fundraising Campaign! Your dedication helps fund our organization's operations while simultaneously sparking an interest and education about sea turtles! People love to receive a nest for birthdays, holidays, in memory of, and more! 

Here's the Step by Step Process

1. After filling out the form and donating your chosen amount, you will receive an email confirming your nest dedication.  

2. The person that you are honoring with a nest dedication will receive a packet in the mail with a certificate announcing the nest dedication, the nest number, and a sticker!   On the form, please add the recipient's  mailing address.  Nest numbers will be assigned in the order that the dedication forms are received.  Nest locations cannot be provided until after the nest has hatched.  During the season, we will email both you and the recipient regarding the REAL nest discovery and the hatch results! 

Sea Turtle Patrol HHI

is a volunteer organization that depends on donations from the community to keep up with expenses required to document daily sea turtle activity.  Vehicle maintenance, fuel, poles, tape, latex gloves, digging tools, mallets, and insurance are a few of the expenses that are essential to monitor 14 miles of HHI ocean facing beach, Mitchelville beach and Pine Island/Dolphin Head beaches.  STPHHI is the only program on Hilton Head Beach that is permitted by the state to protect sea turtle nests and hatchlings.  

Nest Dedication Form

Recipient Information


Donor Information

Choose Your Donation Level

Once submitting this form you will be directed to complete your donation via PayPal.

Thanks for submitting!

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