Myrtle is a sculpture located at Beach House Tiki Hut near Coligny Beach.  She was painted by a local artist named Mira Scott.  She represents a very amibitious sea turtle that has been nesting on HHI since 2011.  Sea turtle monitoring in SC incorporated genetic sampling in 2010.  Myrtle showed up in 2011 with her first nest of the season located on HHI and the rest on Bay Point.   Myrtle is unique in that she does not take a two year break in between nesting seasons.  She nests every other year and has chosen HHI to be the only island she visits since 2013.  She laid 7 nests on HHI in 2013, 7 nests on HHI in 2015, and 8 nests on HHI in 2017.  Eight nests is the highest documented number laid by an individual sea turtle in a single nesting season.  She is a mother with nesting daughters that have reached sexual maturity at around 30 years of age.  This means that Myrtle is at least 60 years old and when her granddaughters start nesting, we will know that she has had her 90th birthday!  The geneticist at the University of Georgia who analyzes the genetic samples noticed that she was out of the ordinary and we are very proud to have her.  We expect to see that she has nested on HHI in 2019.  We hope that you took a picture with her and will remember that she loves visiting HHI as much as you do.  Hatching season is in progress and will end October 31st. 


Mira Mira Studios 

JEVON DALY- Mamma Loggerhead


Myrtle says.....

Please pick up your trash and fill in your holes so that my hatchlings won't get entangled or fall in.  Use red flashlights instead of white, so they will not be confused in the dark.  THANK YOU!